Unfolding the Layers of Green Pashmina A Thoughtful Tale

The mating of the shades yellow and blue, the offspring of such exuberant colours – that is what GREEN is.

Protruding a solid sense of clarity and optimistic fervour, green has been a favourite shade to imbibe on a pashmina.

Anyways, if we go on explaining the significance of this shade, then we might as well end up writing an odyssey. But, that is not what we are here for today.

It is the fashion a goal, which any green pashmina brings to everyone that we will unfold.

What can be the pair-ups with green shaded pashminas?

green pashmina

Smock A LINE dress

Brightly coloured and bold in outlook, this dress sure becomes a soul mate for a green toned cashmere pashmina. An orange toned or say a red-hued shift dress can make any light green coloured pashmina a stand-out.  Bold hues are anyway, exquisite to look at! Here’s an example – the ASOS DESIGN smock dress.

Wrap over dresses!

Okay! So, this is a new entry into the fashion hub. This wrap dress, when imbued with the dark tone of cobalt blue, makes your regular green shawl a special add-on. Blue is a vibrant shade that speaks of royalty and regality. If you match up green toned shawls with such trendy dresses, then you sure will be a head-turner. Moreover, if you go for a turquoise wrap, then also you get to set significant fashion goals amongst envious clans. The ideal choice will be – Lasula wrap over mini dress.

Polka dotted Skater Dresses!

If you have a pashmina, then boy you have just the right accessory to couple with a skater dress. Green coloured pashminas make your polka dot dress look exceptionally well. Also, if one possesses the ever delectable pashmina, then to matching it up with chic attires can set fashion goals; for example – you can try the trending Vintage Polka Dot Skater Dress!

Square neck sundresses!

Vibrant and positive, yellow-toned outfits such as a sundress blends superbly with a green authentic pashmina. Not only does the yellow and green combo make one look ethereal, but it brings out a certain classic cadence. The green hue of pashminas gives any fashionista her desired trendsetting look! A good option at hand is the Warehouse square neck sundress in yellow!

When you have such trendy fashion insights in front of you, don’t you think you can take these up a notch?

If you become timid to sport the bold emerald shade, then you can also go for the lime green pashmina. Subtler and lighter tones have been quite soothing to look at. Moreover, it is their sublime nature that makes any retrofit gain significance.

When the not-so-common looks become the new normal…

Unorthodox looks are the new-hoos of fashion clubs. See any show or follow any celebrity fashion statements, you will undeniably see how the green fervour has pervaded all. Fashion is ever evolving and thus to keep its dynamic tenure running; you must start experimenting.

And what better than pashminas to explore?

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